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Alissa's Blow Dry Tutorial

This week’s blog is going to be a little blow dry/styling lesson! People frequently ask me ” does your hair just dry like that?” If I have curly or straight hair, the answer to that question is yes and no! No my hair doesn’t dry naturally straight, and its not quite curly or straight! Which is where my, and what should be your best friend comes in: THE ROUND BRUSH!! I could not live without my round brushes! Or curling iron, flat iron, hair spray . . . you get the picture!  I will show numbered pictures (of myself). Don’t mind the bathroom selfies! I will show you my step by step blow dry. I do have short hair, however this is for any length! So here we go . . .

1 and 2. Start at the bottom taking a medium size section putting the rest up with a clip or hair tie. Take your round brush and blow dry that section.

3. Take another section of hair down as shown, and round brush the next section.

4. This is an example of how to get added volume after the section is dry. Leave your round brushes in for a few seconds as shown.

5 and 6. Take the final section down and round brush.

7. I usually take the front section and go forward and backward to give nice volume.

8. Finished round brush style.

9. For a little more shape or edgy finish I will flat iron slightly around the front pieces. If you have longer hair, I would skip the flat iron. Unless you have really curly hair and need the flat iron for extra smoothing.

Finished! If you want to get fabulous looking hair, you need the right tools and technique! It does take some practice. Don ’t get discouraged when trying to round brush your own hair! One of my best friends had the hardest time trying to round brush her thick, wavy hair, however now she is a pro! At first, depending on your hair type, it may take you 30 to 40 minutes for a good round brush blow dry. After some practice you will get through it faster! But let’s be honest; any smooth, bouncy volumous hairstyle is going to take styling time! Once you add it into your morning routine it will be no biggie! Also keep in mind most of us don’t wash our hair every day, so that first day of wash and blow dry will save you time on the other days. Those are the days you throw in some curl or a cute pony, which I will talk about in another post in the near future!

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